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We are a small family run business in the Lone Star State. Kusum, the owner and founder, is originally from India and now resides in Richmond, Texas with her family. She was born in western India and brought up in the colorful state of Rajasthan. During childhood she learned various crafts from pottery, stitching and making sculptures. Her favorite was what we used to call as Kantha Gudari. Here is what she has to say about Vedant Designs

"Its basically a handmade quilt which is created mostly by women in the family with thousands of long stitches running across the whole quilt. It was a family craft and every women right from my great grandma to my aunts and cousins used to sit in evening in our backyard and finish up Kanthas. This specific family gathering made me fall in love with Kantha art and I kept practicing it till I was in college.
After my marriage I came to US and am now settled in Richmond, TX. Now that my kids are in school and I get some more time for myself I started to fallback on Kantha craft and created few quilts which were loved by my friends and neighbors. For past 3 years I have been making them for my family and friends as Diwali and Christmas gifts and last year some of them suggested me to start a business to sell them. With some help from my family I was able to setup a small business with few rural women in my hometown in India I started making Kantha quilts."

This little business has slowly blossomed after years of long hours, hard work and pushing through the ups and downs. We are in awe of our artisans and their talents and skills passed down through the generations. We embrace the perfectly imperfect nature of handmade craftsmanship. Every "flaw" reminds us of the hands, heart, and imagination that goes into each and every individual unique piece.

We follow the mantra of only possessing items we truly love and find beautiful and useful. We hope our customers adopt this same principle and appreciate all of the beauty in the details of our products.
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